Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just a quick update

We have a full week coming up. We're doing another session of OT at storytime tomorrow (really today as it's after 1am by my clock), and as per usual I am in no way prepared for it. The OT suggested we try walking a bit before we get to the library to see if that would help Michael settle down a bit faster. I'm pretty sure she was meaning that I park a bit further from the library than normal, except that normally Michael rides in the stroller while I walk the two miles from our house to the library. Then we came up with the idea that John would take the stroller with him to work and I would follow with Michael on the subway and we would walk over from there. I've been getting more and more nervous about this.

We had Michael "free" on the subway on Sunday for a trial run and to take pictures for a social story about staying in our seats on the train. I took him on Patco to Jersey by myself last weekend and he was fantastic. I'm not sure if it was because John was with us or because of his mood, but he had real problems staying put and at least two mini-meltdowns when we told him he couldn't change seats for the third and fourth time. Meltdowns I can deal with - my back would not be happy if I had to walk the seven blocks from the subway to the library carrying screaming toddler but I could do it, it's the bolting that sometimes comes with a meltdown that terrifies me. I'm planning on taking him up to a playground a few blocks away from the library, letting him blow off some energy there and then walking over. I'm hoping this will work well.

We had what was his last quarterly review for IE last week and I'm really going to miss these people. It took a little while, but we have a great group pf therapists and he's made so much progress in the past few months it's amazing. We talked with the 3-5 agency and he'll be going to the preschool that we want. It's a reverse-mainstream program that looks like it will provide enough structure but more importantly allow him the opportunity to interract with his NT peers. Thanks to Heather and Patti for your well wishes, I was in more than a bit of a mood last week and never took the time to respond to both of you.

Lastly, we got the call this morning that there's been a cancelation and we have his one-year follow-up with the developmental ped on Wednesday. I have no idea what this appointment will entail and I have a lot of mixed emotions about it. I know in my mind and heart that Michael is autistic, but I would be lying if I didn't sometimes wish someone would take the diagnosis away. He has his days where it's easy to forget that he has any problems and those days where I have that dark, consuming fear that he'll never be able to function in this world. Basically, I just have to not think about the appointment.

Time for bed. A big crafts update is coming soon and also....

Maryland Sheep and Wool!!!!!