Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Alas, poor baby surprise jacket...

I knew thee well, but somewhere along the line I screwed up and you had too few stitches.

Yes, the baby surprise jacket has been frogged. This is actually OK since now I can make the changes to the pattern to lengthen the sleeves and add a ribbed cuff more easily.

Aside from the frogging, I've been working on the super-mecha socks and they are going very fast. I don't know if it's the yarn or the lace pattern, but the rows are flying by even though it's being knit at 8 sts/inch. I may actually be ready to do the heel by the end of the day. I've been using my new little project bag attached to my belt-loop and sitting on the balance ball listening to NPR and boy is my back happy. The bag makes knitting on the ball so much easier.

On a cool knitting note, DIY Network is running a Knitty Gritty marathon on Sunday night while the Superbowl is on - how cool is that?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crafts Update

Much obsessive knitting has been going on and, drumroll please....

I am on day 14 of not smoking!!!!!!

Now onto what has been keeping my hands busy

Silky Sock socks

Silky Sock sock Here is the first one in all of it's finished glory - well almost finished as I have not woven in the ends. I did intend for it to be a regular-sized sock (length that is - I have huge feet), but it was getting way too painful moving the 16 inch size 1 circular needles around - the joins kept snagging on my work, so an anklet it became. Silky Sock sock in progressHere is it's mate being worked on size 1 Addi Turbo needles. The joins are a dream - I can knit as tightly as I want and still slide my stitches over those bad boys. There are two things I don't like about them. The sizes are slightly different from standard US sizes - an Addi size 1 needle is 2.5mm where a standard US Size 1 needle is 2.75mm which means that if you change horses midstream it will be noticeable to the obsessive knitter. They are also not pointy. For a regular stockinette sock this doesn't phase me, in fact it makes it a bit harder to split my yarn. I tried to do a lace pattern with them and gave up after the first k2tog because there was no way I was going to get that needle in there. They are a bit tight in the instep so I am going to extend the heel a bit more so they don't pinch on the top. Using the numbers from Knitty's Unicersal Toe-up Sock Pattern, I am going to go with between 30%-35% for the unwrapped stitches on the heel rather than the 40% the pattern uses.

Super-Mecha Socks

Magic Yarn Ball Yarn

Here is a picture of the yarn that came in my magic yarn ball. It's a fantastic sock yarn - how Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock should feel like (instead of the bedspread cotton it does feel like). It has a nice, tight twist of Shepherd Sock with all of the springieness of Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock. What type of sock did this yarn want to be? I have two socks that are on my list to be done - Lickety Split and Falling Leaves. After Michael woke from his nap on Saturday, he was bundled into the stroller and I hoofed it up to the LYS to get some coordinating yarn (I walked 14 city blocks in under 30 minutes, yay me). After spending some time with both patterns, I came up with one that I have dubbed the Super-Mecha Sock!
Super-Mecha Sock, in progress
The pattern as it stands is a bit clunky since I did not read things through as well as I should have in my zeal to get started. Rather than frogging, I am just going to chalk it up to a learning experience and make the next pair (with the oposite color combination) correctly. This is a deviation from my normal knitting anal-retentiveness, but I need to nice socks, damnit, and I will have some nice socks. Anyone who has anything to say about socks knit for a size 10, extra-wide, high-instep foot with a gauge of 8sts/inch on size 0 needles can bite me.

Oh what a tangled web...

S and I went out to Chestnut Hill on Sunday where I told her that I would be making her baby a Baby Surprise Jacket and that she would be picking out the yarn for it today. I am knitting a whole bunch o'stuff for the baby-to-be (probably way too much) and I need to have at least one thing that I can post on the blog - you'll have to wait for the rest until the end of March.

We went to The Tangled Webb which is now officially my favorite Philadelphia LYS. It comprises all of the best parts of each of the three Center City LYS's into one store. The only fault is that it's in Chestnut Hill and Michael does not travel well on the Regional Rail or bus, so it will be a solo trip or I'll have to con S into driving me there again. I just started to organize a local moms SnB so maybe we can meet up there for our next meeting...but I digress.
YarnThis is the yarn S chose after much consideration (I'll update with specifics later). I really like it - she doesn't know what her baby's gender is and this is bright without being gender specific.

SwatchHere it is swatched in garter stitch for almost a complete color repeat (there is a stripe of the green before and after). I am working it on US Size 4 (3.5mm) needles at 6sts/inch. The self patterning looks very cool here, but I think it's going to look even cooler in the finished product.
Baby Surprise Jacket - in progress
It works out that at 6sts/inch, one color band goes for about 1.5 rows so you get some very cool effects. I'm probably going to have enough left over to make a pair of tiny baby socks as well. That is how she told me she was expecting - I was showing off one of my infant sock prototypes and she asked me if I could make a pair for her.

Birthday presents!!!I also got my birthday present early from S. I was not a gracious recipient as I tried to fight with her over spending that much on me, but I did relent considering I am knitting her baby way too much stuff and she will have to accept that with grace and aplomb. I am not good at accepting presents, something I vow to work on, or at least not argue over while the giver is trying to purchase said presents. She bought me a skein of some sock yarn that I have been lusting after for the past few weeks because it is so me (and no I haven't cast-on for them yet even thought I really, really want to).Birthday Sock Yarn detail I also received a small bag that attaches to your belt-loop or purse strap for easy knitting on the go - I was that woman knitting a sock on the corner of Broad and Walnut on Sunday - now I will be able to do it from this nifty bag rather than the back pocket of my satchel. Last but not least she replaced my Chibi which Michael lost the lid for and of course I found the lid that evening so now I am blessed with two Chibis!

Housework calls, TTFN!


I have lots of pics from the weekend and a full post is coming. Now I'm off to walk my mood away.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Serial Posting

3rd one today!

Check this site out - The Domsetic Wife it's fantastic!


Found this on Salihah's blog and thought I'd give it a whirl.

You Are 67% Strange!

Based on your score, it seems you do have a healthy dose of strangeness. You aren't THAT far out, but you are somewhat bizarre. Congratulations on being different and having some quirks. It makes you an interesting person!

How Strange Are You?
Quizzes for MySpace

I thought I'd be on the other side of 70%, but 67% isn't too shabby. Of course John will try to tell me that the test is broken and there is no way that someone who will spend the evening watching Naruto and Zatch Bell while compulsively knitting can be 33% normal. Now I've said too much - your monitor will self distruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

It came!!!!

My magic yarn ball!!!!

I had just put Michael in his crib to start to settle for his nap when I heard the knock on the door I've been waiting for. Dashed downstairs to see the package on my front steps - ran back upstairs and opened it. Tried to take a picture but the batteries died. At that point I was faced with the option of waiting to open it after Michael was done settling for his nap (which would be a very long time simply because I wanted to do something) or pass on the pics and start unwrapping - you can guess which one I chose

  • It was tied in a piece of pretty wired organza ribbon with tulips printed on it.

  • There are two balls of green sock yarn which look very similar to Louet Gems Opal, I'll have to check it out later. If it is, I may pack Michael up for a nice 2 mile stretch of the legs to hit the LYS in town that carries it so I can have different colored toes and heels - but I digress.

  • Some super yummy cashmere/wool blend yarn in a wonderful burgundy (one of my favorite colors by the way) I was planning on making myself a neck warmer out of some black Nature Wool (I think that is what it's called) and this will make a lovely trim.

  • a Thomas train (Henry according to the bottom) which is way cool - just the right size for Michael to play with on his tray in the stroller when we are out and about.

  • Two bars of milk chocolate - one with dried cherries and the other with pecan praline, two of my favorite flavors and definitely what I'm in the mood for.

  • A very cool 2.25 mm (US size 1) 40" circular needle - I love the packaging. I don't know why, but I'm all geeked out that they were made in England.

  • Burt's Bees Lip Balm -- Yay!!!

  • A tiny rose-shaped candle

  • A very neat stone (I think) bead - I'm going to use it to make myself a row marker.

  • Stickers from Cars the movie which Michael loves

  • A little schoolbus - Michael calls all busses "School Bus" so it's very neat that he has one for his very own now.

  • and oh my - the most wonderful hand cream I have ever had the pleasure of using I can only pray that I can find it in the US

I'll update it with pics later - off to play with my yarn!

I made the switch...

...and no, I haven't gotten around to changing the banner graphic so "sequitur" is spelled correctly.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Granted, I'm sure my code looks like crap - the fact that my variable list and CSS elements are all willy-nilly is grating a bit but for some reason Blogger does not like files that have been saved in Dreamweaver so it will be a bit before I clean up the code.

Blogger does have a handy feature that allows you to past HTML into a pop-up window so I could get all of those handy-dandy things like the buttons and such. It does all of the hard work for you and you can change it without having to edit the template code directly which is a nice feature. I also found a really cool link to Knitticisms with instructions on how to make your own progress bars. I don't know what possesed me to put Michael's sweater on there considering I haven't touched it in well over month, but there it is in all of my knitting ADD glory.

Now I just have to design the actual skin now that I've converted everything.

Oh, and this is the start of day 11 without cigarettes. When the counter in the sidebar reaches 0, I get to order my interchangeable needles - YAY!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some serious hacking going on...

I'm in the mood for a new skin and I really like some of the features they offer with the custom layout designer, I just don't like the templates themselves.

It's just going to be me, coffee, and xml tonight. Yes, I have a problem that this sounds like a fun evening to me.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Froggie stikes again...

The knee sock pictured in this post is alas no onger with us. It survived being half-frogged (with a tubular bind-off painstaking removed stitch by stitch) and re-knit for about 4 inches but it was not meant to be. We must also mourn it's mate who only made it a round or two past the heel turn.

Since making so much progress on my Silky Sock sock, I am coming to realize that the foot length on the rainbow knee-socks was too long and that the gauge was way too lose. I'm going to cast-on one again tonight using my size 3 needle.

Scratch that - I forget that a US Size 3 Needle is only .25mm smaller than a US Size 4. I'm going to have to wait a bit and get an Addi Size 2 (3mm) needle. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

I bought a 40" size 1 (2.5mm) Addi circular this afternoon. I cast-on a toe for some striped knee socks with yarn purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool. Knittymama was right - the size 1's are too big for this yarn and I am *gulp* going to have to use at least 00's. Do not expect these socks any time soon - with luck they'll be ready for next winter.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just some random things....

It was so cool - the other night Michael was spontaneously pointing in one of his books and has been doing so ever since.

Apparently one call equates numerous times to the school district. They called me on Thursday while I was out to schedule Michael's evaluation (and called me by the name of his case worker with Early Intervention to boot). I forgot to give the information to John so he could call on Friday. They called again on Friday while I was out, again calling me by the wrong name and scheduling the evaluation since I was persistently unavailable.

I decided to do the short-row heel on my Silky Socks socks rather than the afterthought heel. I also used Wendy's recommendation of the sock being 2" shorter than the total foot length before working the heel rather than the 1.5" used in the Universal Toe-Up Sock pattern on Knitty. I also un-wrapped the short-row stitches this time to work them. The wraps I worked on the purl side look fantastic while the ones worked on a knit side look a bit messy. The sock feels a bit snugger than the ones I'm working on using the U.T-U.S. pattern which I think is a plus. Once I get all of my socks on-needles done I am definitely going to try out the afterthought heel and I am going to invest in a 40" Addi Turbo circular needle. I am doing this sock on two 16" US size 1 (2.25 mm) needles and working the yarn over the needle joins and the shortness of the needles are driving me more than a bit crazy.

I went shopping this morning with my friend S and made out like a bandit - it's so nice to have new clothes that fit and look good on you.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Crafts Update

Still a very brief one, but with pictures (click to see larger versions)!

Red Scarf project

Michael Modeling


What I sent out for the Magic Yarn Ball Swap

All of the goodies

The Yarn

Some yummy roving

Very cool stitch markers (if I do say so myself)

all wrapped up and ready to go

And last, but not sock!

Discovering the potty...

Michael explores his new potty chair (click to see full-sized versions)

Thursday, January 18, 2007


For whatever reason I am completely exhausted, so you get the very short list of what's doing...

  • Just finished my third (and final) scarf for the Red Scarf Project - check out the button on the side for more details.

  • I'm am ready to turn the heel of my first sock in the Great Adirondak Silky Sock yarn. Man it takes forever - size 1 needles and huge feet do not a quick sock make.

  • I'm a bit miffed that I just found out the LYS near John's work has a frequent buyers card - after I've dropped close to $100 there in the past few months

  • I've started a new project and in 28 days I'll be able to order my KnitPicks interchangeable set - yay!

I think I'm going to have that glass of merlot I've been threatening to drink and then go to bed.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jury Duty

I had jury duty today and of course because I couldn't actually serve I got called to a panel first things and had to go through the entire voir dire process. It really sucks because I had to claim a hardship - no childcare. I didn't even get challenged on it, just said my piece and the judge went to the next juror. I wish there was some mechanism in place that John (who is a civil servant) could get jury duty pay so I could actually serve. As it is he had to use vacation to cover today and there isn't enough to cover the rest of the week.

I am annoyed at this loophole that removes an entire segement of the population from the jury pool - a segment that needs to be represented. The sad thing is that the next time I get called it will be the same thing all over again since I will most likely have another small child. I wanted to be there. I wanted to serve. I wanted to do my civil duty. I wanted to represent my segement of the population. My voice in the judicial process is silenced because I am a stay-at-home mother. Trust me, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to problems with jury service and disenfranchisement, but since dinner needs to be prepared I can't go on a long rant about the shortcomings (and they are serious and numerous) of jurisprudence in this country.

Off to make dinner...

because it's important to stay abreast of current events...

In case you didn't already know, Hillary Clinton has already chosen her running mate - it's Big Foot according to the Weekly World News.

Monday, January 15, 2007

It must make sense to him

Yesterday we watched as Michael pulled the bottle of laundry detergent into the middle of the livingroom and then proceeded to take a book, lean it up against the bottle, say some stern words to it, and then put the book back in the pile. He repeated this ritual at least five times.

When asked to identify a heart, he responded, "Happy."

When he wants a box of raisins, he asks for French Fries.

He's become adamant about John and I playing along with him - he'll arrange some pillows on the floor and one of our throws and demand that John or I "go bed" with him and in true toddler fashion seems to be happy to repeat this ad infitum.

Since he's been listening to Assassination Vacation for a few months now, he knows the words of the play written by James Garfield's assassin, Charles Giteau (as performed by Brad Bird). There's nothing quite like the site of a toddler standing up in his crib yelling, "DOOMED!"

I have such a cool kid (who is, as I write this, playing the "go bed" game with his father downstairs).

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I need an off switch...

Firstly, yes - it's two-thirty in the morning and I'm making a blog entry.

I seriously need to just turn my brain off for a few days. It's not that firey, manic, I have to create mode - the one that I have no idea something was even wrong until well after the fact. It's just the, "my mind can't stop thinking about creating" kind of mode - the one where you want with all your heart to lock yourself in a room and just create but you have a two year-old, a husband, and a house to take care of. I'm probably a few steps shy of a true hypo-manic episode for me which is a mixed blessing, because a true episode comes with ignorance of what is actually happening where my current state just carries frustration.

Now that we have my mental state taken care of, on to what's on the needles. The unfortunate by-product of my current mind-set is that I have 6 things on needles right now. This does not include the 3 dozen stitch markers in various states of completion, nor the several half-written patterns waiting to go up on Knitty Keen.

Needle 1 - socks on Great Adirondack Silky Sock, Serengetti colorway. I'm about an inch from turning the heel on sock 1

Needle 2 - socks on Rainbow (read - neon) variageted acrylic/nylon DK weight. This is an odd one because I had finished one knee sock, started the second, turned the heel on the second one, decided that I needed to re-do the calf on the first one so I frogged it back to the life-line (God, I love these) I put in after I finished the heel, then did the first third of the calf on the second one. Take that Strunk and White - I laugh at run-on sentences and strange non sequiturs (yes, I know it's spelled wrong in the banner).

Needle 3 - Bias scarf for Red Scarf Project (about 1/3 done)

Needle 4 - Linen Stitch Scarf for Red Scarf Project (less than 1/4 done)

Needle 5 - Version 3.0 of my stuffed fish toy prototype (I knit two of these in the past two days, the one on needles is my third).

Needle 6 - Version 1.0 of a Tree Frog prototype

The frog prototype keeps wanting to be explored and expanded into any number of reptile and amphibian toys and I keep having to beat it back. In bags around the living room, I have at least another half-dozen works in progress. I'm lucky that I designed Michael's sweater to be a 4T with a lot of ease since it may not get finished until next year. I really have to put the toys aside for right now and concentrate on finishing the scarves and then the socks because my feet are cold. yesterday I was completely consumed by the fish - hell I even had patterns written in my head for everything from a really cool/funky felted lantern fish to a Chineese dragon. There just aren't enough hours in the day and I will seriously be paying for this tomorrow.

On the Michael front, the trip to Maryland went very well - well enough that we are seriously considering doing Maryland Sheep and Wool as a family trip. Since I knew I was stressing a great deal about it, I made a point of telling Michael all morning before we left that we were going to have an "adventure" today (I said this often enough that even I started to believe it - in a good way, I already believed it in the sarcastic way). The only problem we really had with him was food wise - he ate a ton of dairy. It's almost impossible to control him when everything is served buffet-style (read: child-height). It's still working its way out of his system and I'm sure there has been some behavioral effect this time as well which I haven't really noticed before.

Now it's three and I need to get some sleep. 'Evening all....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

It will be an adventure

That is what I keep telling myself and Michael.

Somehow, we've been railroaded convinced to travel down to Maryland to see my extended family today.

I'll post an update tonight - I have to get out to get some Starbucks. I am not doing this trip without caffeine.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Much has happened....

It's been so long since I've actually written anything here; I almost don't know what to do.

The Christmas season went pretty well. I cut myself a lot of slack in terms of what I thought I had to do this year as is evidenced by the four pounds of butter, several bag of chocolate chips, two bags of nuts, and the two cups of chopped cranberries that never did make it into cranberry bread. My hand-made gifts went over very well and only two of them were being worked on mere hours before they were to be given. Late night knit-a-thons were kept to a minimum.

I've been trying to do a lot of soul-searching about just what it is that I want from this season. Don't get me wrong, I had some great Christmas moments over the years, but most of my energy has always been poured into doing for others as a means to get over the fact that very few of my own needs were being met. John and I had several in-depth conversations about what we each want from each other and they went very well.

On the Michael front, my son has become a two-year-old. I've dealt with small tantrums and melt-downs before and have made the changes in our lives to keep them to a minimum, but now it's over everything. It's very hard not to laugh when I tell him, "No" and his lips start quivering as his world comes crashing down around him because he can't have/do X. Those are the times when I am up to handling them. Then there are the times when he's having a full-on tantrum and I am at my wits' end and not up to dealing with it. It's like having to find my sea-legs all over again. There were a tough couple of weeks when I was trying to get Christmas sewing done and everything seemed to spark a, "My world is ENDING!!!" type of reaction from him which was not pleasant. I think I've found a happy medium again and we have some rough times but I've been able to find baby-Zen more often.

His schedule is pretty full with therapies - we have special instruction on Mondays, speech on Wednesdays and OT on Thursdays. We also have a re-eval with the developmental ped coming up as well as an evaluation with the school district since he will be ageing out of Early Intervention this summer. I have very mixed feelings about both of these. He's made tremendous progress over the past year. His over-all communication is still about six-months behind even though his vocabulary is a good six to twelve months ahead.

On the behavioral front he's still behind. He doesn't have many of the "classic" signs of autism, but socially he's still closer to an eighteen month-old rather than a two and a half year-old. This makes going out in certain social situations hard at times, even harder because he 38" tall and weighs 37 pounds so he looks like he's closer to four. We've done a few story times with John at the library and they can be very trying. It can be very over-stimulating to him and he deals with it by running around the room. Most of the time I know that this is what my child needs to do and as it doesn't seem very disruptive I can just let it go. There are times when the difference between my child and other children close in age seems huge. It's hard not to read disproving looks when I'm chasing my child around the room and everyone else is sitting quietly on the carpet squares listening to the book being read.

I guess the hardest part is that he doesn't "look" autistic. A few months ago, Comedy Central had a fundraiser for Autism. They had little bits between acts showing autistic children and what the parents and the children go through. When compared to that, it would seem that I am the one overreacting; that there can be no way my child is autistic. Michael is a very out-going, loving child. He doesn't have any stims, his communication is improving, and he's started to exhibit joint-attention very nicely and has even been spontaneously pointing these past few months. That said, there are subtle differences between how he interacts and his peers. We'll just leave it that he's on the spectrum.

I do have some concerns about his upcoming evaluation with the school district. Unlike Early Intervention, this evaluation is taking place at their offices rather than at our home. When I first found this out I was very concerned, there was no way he was going to perform up to speed in a strange place. There is also his stubbornness. His fine motor skills are fantastic and have always been, but because he will not stack blocks on command he consistently tests as having a delay because that is the test they use to gauge fine motor skills. There is a very good chance that he will score lower than what he is actually capable. After some thought, I feel that this may not be a bad thing. I don't think he'll score low enough to merit going to a special program but even if he does that may not be a bad thing. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

There is more but as this is the third posting for today, I think I'll leave it here and pick up again next week. Thanks for reading.

My take on Calorimetry

When I first saw this pattern I thought it was fantastic. Panta was all the rage on one of my message boards but when I made my first one it looked awful on me. I really wanted something that would cover the top of my head but not mess with my hair being up in the back. After reading through the pattern I was afraid of how big it would be if I worked it on US size 8 (5mm) needles. The first couple I did I used a US Size 6 (4mm) needle and it seems to fit everyone's head perfectly.

In the midst of my Christmas knitting frenzy, I went to visit some yarn at one of my LYS's and splurged on a skein of Manos del Uraguay yarn that I have loved ever since I first saw it. The Manos is more on the heavy worsted size and even working it on size 6 needles as the pattern was written, I was afraid it was going to be too big, so I tried it on size 8 with a cast-on of 100 sts. It was perfect. Here's a pic of me modeling it...

Here are the changes I made to the original pattern:

CO 100 sts

When it comes to work the first short row, work it as written, this becomes the button hole. All other short rows are wrapped and double-wrapped as if you were working a short row heel/toe on a pair of socks. When you approach a short row turn, k1, yf, sl 1 purl-wise, yb, sl st back to left needle, turn work. This is just my own personal preference as I can't stand to have those holes even if they aren't noticeable in the finished product *I* would know they were there.

Work the pattern as written until there are 40 sts between the short row gaps (and 30 sts to either side), and then start the second half of the pattern. Complete the pattern as written.

For this child-sized one I CO 80 stitches using US size 8 (5mm) needles with the black (Carron Simply Soft), then changed to the novelty yarn. Working the pattern as written, I worked the pattern using the novelty yarn for about an inch, then changed back to the black (I did not break the novelty yarn). I worked the pattern until there were 36 sts between the short row gaps (and 22 sts to either side). I continued working the pattern as written until I came to novelty yarn. I worked the rest of the pattern in the novelty yarn and then bound off in the black. To make the button hole more accessible, I single-crocheted around the outside edge.

My take on Fuzzy Feet

Here is a link to the original pattern. I changed it to make it toe-up with a Turkish or Figure Eight/Magic Cast-on, an Afterthought Heel, and to fit a men's large (11-13) foot.

Gauge, recommended needle size and yarn are the same. I used almost an entire skein of black and just a bit of the red for the pair of slippers pictured above. The directions are written for 2 circular needles/magic loop. If you will be using DPN's for the toe and heel, Needle One will become Needles 1 and 2, while Needle 2 will become Needles 3 and 4.

CO 7 wraps (14 loops for figure 8/magic cast-on) in Color A

Work 2 foundation rounds, k all sts (make sure to ktbl the appropriate stitches if using figure 8 or magic cast-on).

Rnd 3: *K2, M1L, k until 2 sts rem on needle 1, M1R, K2, rep from * for needle 2
Rnd 4: K all sts

Repeat rounds 3 and 4 until you have a total of 50 sts. Work 2 rounds in stockinette stitch, change to Color B. Continue working in stockinette st until sock measures 10" from toe (about 31 rounds of color B).

Rnd 5: K25, K25 onto waste yarn
Rnd 6: K all sts with Color B

Continue working in stockinette st until measures 3 inches from waste-yarn round (about 13 rounds), BO loosely.


PU 25 sts on both sides of waste yarn, remove waste yarn.

Rnd 1: K all sts, pu 3 stitches at the gap at the end of each needle (28 sts on each needle, 56 sts total).

Rnd 2: K all sts
Rnd 3: *K1, ssk, k until 3 sts rem on needle 1, k2tog, k1; rep from * for needle 2
Rnd 4: K all sts

Work rounds 3 and 4 until 30 sts rem (15 sts on each needle).

Work round 3 until 22 sts rem (11 sts on each needle). Graft rem sts together. Weave in ends and felt as directed.

I'll be doing up a pair for my husband in the same size later this month, so I'll be back to make any alterations necessary.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007



testing out Flickr

Let the holiday knitting show begin...

Today, I give you....


SR Kertzer Marble Yarn, US Size 6 (4mm) Needles

Manos del Uraguay, US Size 8 (5mm) Needles
Altered from original, used a CO of 100 sts

TLC Essentials, US Size 6 (4mm) Needles

Karaoke Soy Silk, US Size 8 (5mm) Needles
Altered from original, used a CO of 108 sts

Carron Simply Soft and Stash Novelty Yarn, US Size 8 (5mm) Needles
Altered from original, used a CO of 80 sts