Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just some random things....

It was so cool - the other night Michael was spontaneously pointing in one of his books and has been doing so ever since.

Apparently one call equates numerous times to the school district. They called me on Thursday while I was out to schedule Michael's evaluation (and called me by the name of his case worker with Early Intervention to boot). I forgot to give the information to John so he could call on Friday. They called again on Friday while I was out, again calling me by the wrong name and scheduling the evaluation since I was persistently unavailable.

I decided to do the short-row heel on my Silky Socks socks rather than the afterthought heel. I also used Wendy's recommendation of the sock being 2" shorter than the total foot length before working the heel rather than the 1.5" used in the Universal Toe-Up Sock pattern on Knitty. I also un-wrapped the short-row stitches this time to work them. The wraps I worked on the purl side look fantastic while the ones worked on a knit side look a bit messy. The sock feels a bit snugger than the ones I'm working on using the U.T-U.S. pattern which I think is a plus. Once I get all of my socks on-needles done I am definitely going to try out the afterthought heel and I am going to invest in a 40" Addi Turbo circular needle. I am doing this sock on two 16" US size 1 (2.25 mm) needles and working the yarn over the needle joins and the shortness of the needles are driving me more than a bit crazy.

I went shopping this morning with my friend S and made out like a bandit - it's so nice to have new clothes that fit and look good on you.