Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quicky Crafts Update

I proudly present the first Orange Diamond Sock (aka Devon from Cookie A's Sock Innovations).




I actually did this one pretty much as written - a first for me when it comes to socks. I did have to add another pattern repeat to accommodate my wide feet and worked the heel flap for three inches for my high-insteps. I learned a lot - how to pick-up and knit (something that I've been doing ass backwards all this time or avoiding outright) and how the heel-flap/turn/gusset all work together to affect fit. I enjoyed doing top-down and can definitely see the appeal, but the worry of running out of yarn before I'm done is probably enough to keep me doing toe-up. I only did two pattern repeats on the cuff and wanted to do at least one more but I was too afraid I'd run out of yarn in the middle of the foot (note - I probably had enough to do another two repeats). With some luck I'll get the second one done in enough time for MDS&W.

The last of the Patchghan Patches





Be sure to head on over to Knitty Keen for a handy reminder to not forget the crochet hook and a tutorial for sewing on nearly indestructible toy limbs.


Pics abound!

Easter moments



If only it was always this easy to get him to sleep.


MacGyver Moment #247

When you are in the middle of Andean plying, which you haven't done in at least a year and consequently wrap the singles way too tightly around your hand to the point that your middle finger turns an alarming shape of purple, don't worry - just grab the baby's handy ring-stacker and viola, instant nostepinne!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is the conversation that should be taking place...

during Autism Awareness Month and it pains me that it's not happening yet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Glad that MLS is good for something

walking to my parent's house on Sunday
Michael: Mommy, can you read that number for me? (house number written in cursive)
John: It says 321, Michael.
Michael: (in amazement) You can read numbers too, Daddy?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rainbows and Sakura

I've been actually bringing the camera along with me most of the time recently. Granted, it's because I've been taking lots of pictures of knitting techniques for the Knitty Keen blog, but the side benefit is pictures of the kids a little more often.

Here's the double rainbow we were lucky enough to see on Friday evening.


The clouds kept rolling overhead while we were at the park and we were waiting for the downpour to start any moment. It did start to rain while we were walking home then the clouds rolled and the sun came out treating us to this.

Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival - Sakura Sunday


I awoke to Michael bounding into our room this morning telling me how excited he was to be going to the Cherry Blossom Festival. He also shared his excitement with everyone (and I do mean everyone) we bumped into on our way to Fairmount Park. I went with Alex tucked into a sling last year on a windy gray day but this year we had picture perfect weather. Bright sun with enough of a breeze so it wasn't too hot. Michael enjoyed the drummers and his fruit salad while I found a neat bento box for him and these super cool and super cute little zipper pulls.


John poked fun at me for quite some time afterwards because he said I actually squealed when I opened the package and was bouncing when I was asking him for more money to get another one. The stand where we bought them from has a shop in town which I will definitely be visiting in the future (for the curious - Omoi).

Alex slept through the entire thing, but we got him up to eat before the bus ride home and managed to get Michael to stay still long enough for a quick family picture.