Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quicky Crafts Update

I proudly present the first Orange Diamond Sock (aka Devon from Cookie A's Sock Innovations).




I actually did this one pretty much as written - a first for me when it comes to socks. I did have to add another pattern repeat to accommodate my wide feet and worked the heel flap for three inches for my high-insteps. I learned a lot - how to pick-up and knit (something that I've been doing ass backwards all this time or avoiding outright) and how the heel-flap/turn/gusset all work together to affect fit. I enjoyed doing top-down and can definitely see the appeal, but the worry of running out of yarn before I'm done is probably enough to keep me doing toe-up. I only did two pattern repeats on the cuff and wanted to do at least one more but I was too afraid I'd run out of yarn in the middle of the foot (note - I probably had enough to do another two repeats). With some luck I'll get the second one done in enough time for MDS&W.

The last of the Patchghan Patches





Be sure to head on over to Knitty Keen for a handy reminder to not forget the crochet hook and a tutorial for sewing on nearly indestructible toy limbs.