Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Comfort food

I'm just getting ready to do a white wine and chicken broth reduction, season it with thyme and thicken it with a roux to serve over rice and some grilled chicken (alas, not the real stuff, but Perdue ready stuff). This is one of my favorite, I feel like crap things to eat.

We took Alex to the ped's office for his follow up and I found out he lost an ounce from last Thursday. The ped was not concerned by this at all, but it definitely spooked me, especially given how I had to explain why he gained so slowly in the beginning several times to the doctors at the hospital. After a trip to the park which was probably a mistake and two blocks of crying on Alex's part because he woke up hungry and wrangling Michael, pushing a stroller and holding crying newborn requires a few more arms than I currently have, I was completely fried. As I was sitting on the couch with Alex who was in a great quiet/alert state everything came crashing in - the two trips to the ER, strep, fire alarms, slow weight gain. I just sat there hugging him to my chest trying not to become hysterical so I wouldn't spook Michael. It's all been too fucking much. I know the saying goes that God doesn't give you more than you can handle, but he's been skirting way too close to my breaking point for my comfort and if I hear one more person tell me how great I'm handling things I think I will scream.

Wallowing over for now. Michael and I both need to be fed - me especially since the past few days have been abysmal in terms of my eating and I don't want to start that song and dance again. Here's hoping some non-Euclidean knitting will cure what ails me (I know how to knit mobius strips now - how cool is that?).