Sunday, March 30, 2008


I am seriously having the hardest time getting into a zen-state with Alex. The fact that I am typing this one-handed should give you a pretty good picture. I am very close to saying the hell with my back and using the sling in the evening again. My back may hate me for it but he'll sleep, my chiropractor will have a lot of business, and most importantly I won't be holing in tears and screams when he wakes for the umpteenth time after being rocked and held for an hour.

Sorry folks, sleep deprivation is my life right now, so that's what you get.

It's not really that bad, just hit a crisis point earlier. I just found out I'll have some company knitting a sweater that I hope to have done for Alex's baptism at the end of the month. I don't feel like going through all the hoops I'd have to to pump enough milk to go out Tuesday night, but I'll definitely pop Alex in the wrap and head out to Starbucks for some music and knitting therapy. Here's hoping he'll sleep for me.

Sorry for typos - still one-handed and in the dark.