Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Is the name Michael has given my newest knitting creation. I want to make a second model and then I'm going to so who wants to test it for me and may even try to *gasp* sell the pattern by the end of the week. I'll post some pics of the models later today.

I finished the BSJ in record time - had the seams sewn and ends woven in by Sunday night. I have to block the hell out of it because it just fits Alex. I'll post this elsewhere as well, but I managed to get the whole thing done including small sleeve extensions and a full i-cord bind off with about 3 yards of yarn to spare - so you can get a BSJ out of 280yds of sport-weight on Size 7's if you enjoy living dangerously.

I of course have the obligatory million projects going at once, but I've been surprising myself by actually finishing some stuff.

In other news, Alex is becoming the walking machine - he's up to around 10 steps at a time now. It's such a different experience from Michael - he was so cautious and Alex just strikes out in whatever direction he fancies.

We are off to "coffee". TTFN!