Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's been doing...

The ever popular bulleted list

  • Much gnashing of teeth

  • working my way through Adobe Photoshop Elements blindly and finding I'm pretty happy with the results

  • Surviving the flu and beating would-be pneumonia into submission (still not out of the woods yet on that last one)

  • cutting canines (boy the younger, that is)

  • angst

  • yet another in a long line of sub-par birthdays

  • Wondering if when Gordon Jeweler's says to let their diamonds do the talking, do they mean that diamonds should represent blood and the subjugation of entire populations because you know that's what every woman wants

  • Got a bit more work done on Knitty Keen (see post below) and the Pookey pattern will be going live this coming weekend (only a week late, which isn't too shabby for me at this point

Go to bed, Jenn!