Sunday, April 23, 2006

No Joy in his Soul

Being the person that I am, when I choose to deface public property, I use a substance that is easily removable, and almost always tend to write, "Frodo Lives!"

Friday evening, we were hanging out in the fountain at Rittenhouse. There was a piece of chalk, it was due to rain buckets that night, so I went to work. A man, we'll just call him "Suit" walked up to me and we had this brief exchange:

Suit: Why are you writing on public property?

Me: (finishing up writing "FRODO LIVES" in 12 inch high block letters) Because it's chalk and it will rinse off in the rain tonight.

Suit: Outrageous! (storms away)

"Get a life", "You are such a geek" or even just a quizzical look I could understand because all were very apt to the situation. Righteous indignation over the scrawling of an esoteric motto from the sixties, in chalk on a public fountain is a bit much.