Thursday, April 06, 2006

This time I mean it!

I have just completed my first twenty-four hours sans evil. It was a hectic day, stress-filled day. One that screamed, "Sit outside and have a smoke while the boy sleeps - you deserve it!” Instead I ate two brownies and the better part of a container of Pringles. I started this in some merino that I dyed on Monday in a spring/leaf green color. I'm still debating whether I'm going to keep it for myself or donate it to a silent auction for a fundraiser my mothers' group is doing. I think I should keep it - I don't have anything made for me that I dyed myself. I also spun for a good hour while Michael napped and that helped tremendously. I got my big box of roving on Tuesday, but I'm making myself use up the last of the roving I got from PhilCon. It's just taking forever because my singles are super thin - it will probably end up being between lace and fingering weight once it's done. As soon as I get my carding paddles, I can conquer the two pounds of locks that I bought from a shop in Jersey, but that is probably getting a bit ahead of myself.

I've been flirting with getting myself some Koigu yarn. I really want a pair of striped stockings for next winter and I figure if I buy two hanks a month for the next several months I'll be able to do it. What better way to celebrate my being nicotine-free than cool striped stockings! Thankfully, the hanks are pretty slim and easy to hide so John won't know that I'm breaking my vow to not buy any more yarn until I use up some of my stash (love you sweeitie!). We won't even mention the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Maybe I can work on my landlord to accept knitted items in lieu of rent for next month? It only counts as embezzlement if it's a business (or you get caught), right?

Michael has been turning the cuteness way up - an hour can't go by with you your being hit so hard with his cuteness that it practically knocks you over. He actually played with my friend's son yesterday and was talking to them this afternoon at lunch. He is just so incredible. Exasperating at times, with out saying, but still the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Off to bed...