Thursday, May 11, 2006

I can't stands no more!

and now for a whiney rant...

  • Wahing machine not draining during spin cycle - have a sneaky suspicion that this is being caused by a clump of wool in the hose from my scouring some fleece for the past two days
  • Have done two courses (14 days and 30 days) of very nasty antibiotics (one kills off gut flora, the other is used as a prophalaxis for malaria) in an effort to get rid of my pelvic/uterine pain. Had a rash, nasty photosensitivity, no gut flora (see above), and merry hell wreaked upon my depression -- still have the pain though. Next step is a laparoscopy.
  • Behavioral specialist doesn't feel Michael is autistic - still not sure how to feel about this one - choosing guarded optimism until he has a re-eval with the developmental ped next winter
  • Water retention
  • Fucking mice - I hate the little fuckers and am breaking my own rule about serious swearing to share this with all of cyberland

The boy is alternately crying "Cookie" and "Mommy" so I have to go