Monday, July 16, 2007

Quick update on the Bean

here I am in all my 11 to 12 week glory. I tried on one of my regular skirts on Saturday and could not do up the button, so I am officially out of my regular clothes. Thankfully I still have two skirts from my pregnancy from Michael and I'm hoping to add a third to them by the end of the month. In the picture and right now I'm wearing an elastic waist skirt and it's *almost* too small. I didn't have to start wearing maternity with Michael until well into my 4th month, not so with the bean. To paraphrase S - I really look pregnant now.

The bean seems to be doing well. I was feeling a whole lot of activity in my pelvis last Thursday and then I had my wonderful first twinge of SPD so I'm pretty sure my uterus has popped up. Thus far, the SPD isn't giving me too much problem, it's my left SI joint that's acting up which is making sleep a nightmare (and it wasn't too good to begin with). Things are still a bit tight money-wise, so I'm hoping to start going to the chiropractor next week. In the interim, I went to the pool tonight and it was heaven. It was so nice squatting in the shallow end and focusing on the bean for a bit and my back cleared up for a while too - walking without pain is wonderful. I'm going to start getting intimate with my balance ball again since squatting and opening up my pelvis gives me the most relief, just have to get John to pull it out of the corner he has it hidden in the living room.

Last but not least, I'm pretty sure I've been feeling those first flutters of movement. It's coming from the right place and I'm pretty sure it's not gas. It's really been helping me start to bond with the bean and process my fears and trauma from Michael's birth.