Monday, July 23, 2007

Things that Rock!

  • I got some great Koigue mill ends in shades of red, orange, gold and green to make the bean a Baby Surprise Sweater and a matching hat. I'm hoping that there will be enough to do socks as well. I'm going to find some worsted in red and make a pair of pants to go with it too. With some luck, this will be the bean's coming home outfit.

  • K told me that she couldn't wait any more and dropped of a beautiful romper for the bean and a Motherhood gift card for me. I was able to get the long denim skirt I've been wanting ever since I got my positive pregnancy test and a fantastic navy blue sleeveless blouse. Both the bean and I cannot thank her enough.

  • S deserves major props for taking me to the mall in Jersey so I could use K's gift card and for lending me her maternity brace. I wore it last night and it is wonderful.

  • We made it through the sequential screen this morning. The bean looked great - tons of movement and I even got to see him/her suck on his/her hand. Now that I did the genetic counseling and no alarm bells went of from the ultrasound I am so much more relaxed. I don't even feel like I'll need to badger anyone for test results. The test would not change the outcome of the pregnancy and I have already decided that I was not going to pursue an amnio or a CVS to confirm a high risk of a genetic abnormality. Seeing the bean so active and feeling the movement for the past week or so has really reassured me and I know the bean is here to stay and has gone a long way in allowing me to trust my gut.

  • I saw the chiro this afternoon and he really seems great. There is definitely some crunch there, but not too much. He did try to sell me some prenatal vitamins, but it wasn't a hard sell. There was no mention of my weight except for him to reassure me that he was strong enough to support me during one of the adjustments. Because of the damage I have in my pelvic joints, he's going to take things a little bit slower and I am very fine with that - when I had some dramatic adjustments during my last pregnancy, I had relief from the SPD pain but my gait changed enough that I exchanged one discomfort for another. I am seeing some small improvement from the adjustments I had today and there has been no change in my gait so all seems well.

    When we were discussing my history, he made a comment about how much work I must do managing my home and caring for my child (I wrote "homemaker" for my occupation ) and the negative impact chronic back pain can have on it. How cool is that?

Many pics will be posted tomorrow. 'Night all!