Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Slept horribly last night, left the house late without eating anything so we could get to storytime on time because I promised my husband. Found out I had enough time to stop at a local coffee shop on the way for a cup of iced coffee and a scone. Michael whined the whole time about how he wanted a bagel. I react badly to the whining which just starts that lovely feedback loop of whining and snapping. Have to cajole him into the storytime room when we get to the library. Storytime not too bad. Leave to walk to Wholefoods for chai concentrate. Feel like I'm going to puke any minute the whole walk over then get the sweats once I get in the store. Have a fruit smoothie and some protien to get my sugar back up and stabilized, all to the lovely background of three year-old whining (gotta love the feed-back loop). Walk back to the library and hang out with husband while he watches Michael because I am *this* close to starting to yell because I feel so crappy. Leave library at 1 and don't walk in our door until two (thank you inept mass transit - an hour for a two mile trip).