Monday, August 27, 2007

What an amazing kid

John and I were both marvelling on just how great Michael is. Yes, we have that parental bias going - but we are both constantly amazed and happy to have been blessed with him. He has such joy in him and it can't help bursting through.

Michael did so well with the trip up to my father-in-law's yesterday. I know how hard this wonderful cocktail of emotions is for me to deal with, I can't even begin to comprehend how its affecting him. We did find out that there will be no funeral. We'll just have a wake a few weeks after to celebrate his life. This removes a great deal of pressure from me, knowing that I don't have a formal funeral to deal with. We are just going day by day at this point and I'm planning a solo trip next Saturday. As much as I want to bring Michael with me, it's really too hard on both of us.

Lastly, just a quick reminder on last minute cooking - don't do it. I made chicken franchese (?sp) yesterday morning at 8am and the sauce was sub-par and the fettuccine a little too al dente. Yes, I know it will be appreciated, but I can't help but shudder a tiny bit when I think of it.

Off to try and get another hour's sleep. Can't wait to see the chiro this morning.