Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why, oh why...

Do I persist in shopping at Wholefoods on an empty stomach? I went in for chai concentrate and maybe some Annie's Cheddar Bunny crackers for Michael. We left with all natural Oreo knock-offs, some to die-for goat's milk goouda, Wholefood's version of Triscuits (because you need crackers to go with the cheese), orange juice (I am honestly out of this and need my fix), brown rice avocado roll (dreaming of postpartum raw tuna), a Jamba Juice smoothie (yucky days call for special treats), and the chai concentrate and bunny crackers I originally went in for.

Frankly, I only spent $23, so it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been - I have my pregnancy aversions to thank for that.

We did story time this morning and Michael was a dream. I started to get really tired about 11 while he started getting really hyper (my own fault since neither of us ate well this morning). We left shortly after so things didn't get a chance to escalate too badly. We walked over to the Italian Market so we could get some ground beef for meat balls and a loaf of bread from Sarcones. The second we walked into Sarcones he started asking for a cookie and the ladies working the counter kindly obliged. We walked up to South Street to hit Wholefoods and then took the bus home.

I've really got to start watching my language again unless I want Michael to continue to say "Damn-it!" on a regular basis. To give him credit, he does use it for appropriate situations. Hey, it could always be worse.

Lastly, my father-in-law is being discharged from the hospital today to hospice at his home and we are all much relieved that he's getting the care he needs and my mother-in-law is getting some much needed help. I had a very tough time dealing with it over the weekend. My initial response is to drop everything and do whatever I can to help out. The problem is that I have my own mental well-being to consider (surprisingly, I do actually take care of myself from time to time), the baby that I'm growing, my three year-old, my husband and my household. It was very hard for me to realize that there isn't much at all I can do because my plate is way too full as it is. I was able to have a good cry about it on Sunday with my mom and I feel a lot better about things. I am so happy that hospice is involved and that the time he has left with us will be filled with dignity and respect. Assuming all is well, we are planning on taking Michael up on Sunday so they can see him. I know they get such joy from seeing him and that is what I can do to help this process.