Sunday, June 08, 2008

At long last - Craft Update!

It's a quick one 'cause I should have been in bed a half-hour ago.

Jitterbugging Monkey from the Toe-up



This is my version of Cookie A's Monkey Sock from Knitty rewritten for toe-up, magic loop, and with a gusset/rounded heel/shortrow heel flap. I just can't seem to do things the easy way. The next time I come up for air I'll post my pattern modifications.

Green Thread Sock



Yet another Cookie A. Pattern - her Red Thread Sock. John bought me the pattern for Mother's Day. I like it, but not quite as much as some of her other designs - M1P are a major PITA to do. Once I get to the cable lace on the cuff I should be happier. I haven't added it to my Ravelry notebook yet, but I'll probably get the stats up there sometime this week.

Elf Chicks Need to Keep Warm Too


This is in fact the Woodland Shawl lace pattern done up as a scarf in some of the Kureyon Sock that John got me for Christmas. It's my first *real* lace pattern, although I'm sure my Green Scaley Sock has to count for something. The pattern itself is quite lovely, my picture of it under the glare of an incandescent bulb however is not.

I have a few other things in the works - a bucket/sailor hat for Alex that I'm planning on knitting up in some Debbie Bliss DK cotton and a cotton bag for Michael that I'd like to have ready for our trip to the shore at the end of the month - we'll have to see about that.

There is oh so much more going on, but my two-handed computer time is very limited (hell, one handed isn't happening all that much either), so posts will continue to stew about in my brain. Needless to say, "I still aten't dead!"