Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Only in my world

On the night before vacation would I be spending the last moments before going to bed uploading a disc of Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation into iTunes so I can put it on my iPod so we can have it playing on continuous loop in the hotel room while Michael sleeps. Since I spent many, many nights camped out on an air mattress sleeping next to him I chose something that I wanted to listen to and Sarah Vowell got the most air time. For easily the past year he's been listening to Assassination Vacation exclusively and demands that we "put Sarah on" each night before he goes to bed. So yes - anything you might want to know about the Lincoln, Garfield or McKinley assassinations - I'm your gal and Michael probably is too.

John, who has been doing night time wakings for at least the past year, says I have a lot to answer for.