Monday, June 25, 2007

Lazy post

Sorry folks, you may have read this elsewhere, but I'm too fried to come up with something different...

Had a pretty hectic morning - 3 year old, tired husband, and OB wiating room do not a good mix make. I am definitely going to have to make other arrangements - it's really unfair to keen Michael contained in his stroller for that long and then I start getting *looks* which just add to the stress. Instead of having that lovely moment of seeing the hearbeat, I was having a slight argument with the OB about my EDD and John was trying to placate Michael. I'm very happy that the bean seems to be here to stay, but it definitely wasn't the family-bonding moment I was hoping for.

On a different note - I'm definitely heavier than I was when I got pregnant with Michael, but I weigh about 10lbs less that I thought I did (3lbs less then the last time I was weighed on a good scale) so that's some happy news. I have made the resolution to not hide this time because of my size, it was a huge step for me to post a bare-skin belly pic both here. I really want to enjoy my body and the changes this pregnancy.

In crafting news, I have to start doing the embroidery (couching/laid work) for S's son's christening this weekend and I have a few miscellaneous knitting projects to finish up for him as well. We are also planning a trip to the aquarium on Wednesday - I am sure Michael will have a ball.