Monday, June 18, 2007

Trying to get back on top of things

And popping out of them too.

I mailed off two of my horribly late swap packages this afternoon and after I finish up the pom-poms and bag some herbal moth repellent the other two will be go to go for tomorrow's mail. I am NEVER doing three swaps at the same time again. This has been a complete nightmare and I'm not sure if I can even show my *face* on that board again because everything is so late. The bean, up until the past few days, has been sucking up all of my motivation, focus and energy. I have barely knit at all the past month which is really saying something. I may not have a lot of finished objects, but I usually have at least a half-dozen things on the needles at any given time. Ideas are just starting to dance around in my head again and I will be paying some much needed attention to Knitty Keen in the coming weeks - there should be some new freebie patterns and some hand-painted sock yarn for sale at the Etsy store.

I'm finally starting to hit my stride with the bean and am getting to the point of enjoying the pregnancy rather than feeling crazy and exhausted all the time. It's the craziness that gets to me the most. I am very sensitive to the hormones - even low-dose birth control drives me round the bend. The feeling of having no control over my emotions is a little to close to some of my worst times for comfort. I remember spending most of my first trimester with Michael feeling like I was two steps away from needing to be hospitalized. Here I am at seven weeks and I'm feeling pretty good. I still have my moments, but I'm taking a low dose of my meds and several supplements and am feeling pretty stable. The morning sickness has pretty much come and gone - I only get a touch of nausea if I've gone too long without eating. I'm chasing a few pounds of water-weight around but making sure I drink enough and keep off my feet in the later half of the day has helped tremendously. I have a bit more cramping this time around then with Michael, but I also know there are a decent number of adhesions stretching down there too. I've already "popped" too - I tried a skirt on two weeks ago and didn't like the way it fit. I tried the same skirt on yesterday in a size up and could barely do the zipper. My first OB appointment is next week, so once I see that heartbeat I'm going out to buy myself a nice pair of maternity capris.