Friday, February 22, 2008

It's so wee!

My gigantic extravagance arrived yesterday afternoon - a 4 gig Ipod Nano. It is seriously the coolest thing I have ever owned and the only reason I haven't made at least two cozies for it is because Michael and Alex have been on almost opposite schedules today. I'm a bit touched out since they both have been a bit high-needs today, but I'm so looking forward to getting some quality time with some sock yarn and the Nano after Alex goes back to sleep for the first part of the evening.

Of course I still have thank you notes to write, birth announcements to design and assemble, and a let us not forget that I should be sleeping when the baby sleeps especially when I have John home to take care of Michael. That said, it's been months since I've been able to listen to my music cranked up to the point that it almost hurts my ears but blocks out the rest of the world so nicely. All those things will still be there tomorrow and some music therapy will make them so much easier to do.

*sigh* Off to make dinner...