Friday, February 08, 2008

Well, that might explain things...

Alexander has been regaining weight very slowly - between the last two weight checks, he dropped to a little bit more than an ounce over the course of three days. Other than the poor weight gain, he does seem to be doing well - output is good, he's having a few quiet alert times a day and he seems to be well hydrated. After leaving the ped's office with my bag of formula samples which will be given to S who actually has a use for them, as much as I hate pumping I'll be using my own milk to supplement, I thought about the last several days. I know my fluid intake had tanked on Tuesday and I was just starting to play catch-up on Thursday so that was very likely a contributor. While talking to S on the phone, I also realized that I had been skipping lunch most days this week and aside from dinner my eating had been really scant. S asked me if I had weighed myself recently and I admitted no, it was too depressing towards the end to even think about getting up on the scale as my body held onto every last bit of water it could. After I got off the phone, I pulled the scale out and imagine my surprise when it told me that I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Granted a good portion of the 40lbs I gained over the second half of the pregnancy was water and baby, dropping all of it over the course of two weeks was pretty scary.

Michael and I went grocery shopping this afternoon and my kitchen is getting better stocked with foods that I like to eat and are easy to prepare. S will be hitting the wholesale club for me and my sister is going to take me to Trader Joe's so I can round everything out. I also managed to eat three good meals and a good-sized snack today in addition to the 3 litres of watered-down Gatorade I drank. I'm already seeing a difference - he definitely seems more content. Between my eating and the 20-30cc's of supplementation I'm going to be giving after each feeding I'm hoping to get him up to the 20g/day the ped wants to see in no time. Then I can figure out how much I need to be eating to maintain my supply. I never ran into any problems like this with Michael (it took me forever to loose that weight and I still have a bit of it), but I also know I was snacking almost constantly with him and I wasn't caring for a very active 3 year-old.

Here's hoping for 3-4 ounces of weight-gain by Monday!