Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Demanding my village

I have decided that I can't do this alone anymore and I need some damn help. I left a message on my mother's answering machine saying that I need help from her and my sisters and to please call me. It's time for my family - who live 15 minutes away!!! to pony up and start putting their money where their mouth is. I'm stretched way too thin and there is only so much that I, S and my husband can do to help - hell I even have H offering to help out with Michael and I've only met her in real life twice and she lives almost an hour away (not to mention having 3 kids of her own).

I can no longer pretend that I can do this on my own - I am missing my kids growing up and I'm not doing it to them any more. Every few months there is always talk of taking me shopping or taking Michael for a few hours - well I'm going to start scheduling it and I'm not going to back down even if I get the whole "grumble, grumble, grumble" attitude. In an emergency, my family is assembled in a heartbeat - but soul crushing situational depression apparently doesn't count.