Sunday, September 07, 2008

Prednisone Redux

It's almost painful seeing how much this medication changes Michael. Yeah, it turns him up to "11" and since he's close to 10 as it is, that in itself is difficult, but he's been a wreck emotionally all weekend. I'm going to see how tonight goes, but I may need to keep him home from school tomorrow and *gulp* do an actual breathing treatment again since I'm not happy with how his cough is progressing between the prednisone and the ventolin. Frankly, just writing that means I should call the ped and have him checked out. Fingers crossed that he sleeps through and the coughing fits stop.

Man oh man do I ever hate this drug. At least with the grape flavoring he'll take it without to much of a fight, but I'm sure on some level he knows it's responsible for making him feel all out of sorts and that is contributing to his reluctance to take any of the medicines.