Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trying not to read too much into things

We saw the GI on Friday for Alex and did a blood test for celiacs and I rented a baby scale to see just how much he's getting from nursing. The past twenty-four hours aren't looking too good - he took in just over half of the maximum you'd expect and about two-thirds of the minimum. I will say he's just cut his second top tooth and for him today was a pretty horrendous nursing day - one which has left me very sore. Even with that factored in, I'm pretty sure my supply is playing a role in his slow weight gain. I'm going to keep records for the next twenty-four hours and see how things look and then start the herbs and do some more weight checks to see if there is any improvement.

I'm trying really hard to stay out of the "this is my fault" place. I will say there is some strange contradictory information on KellyMom, and trust me I've been reading it all day. One place says a woman's output is 24oz and has a handy calculator script to figure out how big you should make your child's bottles based on that number. They also link off-site to several places that say a baby's intake should be between 2 and 2.5 times their weight, which results in *very* different numbers. Color me dazed and confused.

No more computer time for me tonight - I'm off to see if I can do anything about my sore breasts - baby teeth are flipping sharp.