Monday, September 15, 2008

Quiet Time

I definitely could have gone about this better, rather than the terse bordering on barking responses I gave Michael, but I have instituted a quiet time in the house. Alex is napping and Michael has to stay in his room until I get him, probably around an hour. He was a bit upset, but I managed to give him a hug, apologise for being short, and give a little explanation of what's going on. Yeah, I could have used the time Alex is napping to do something special with Michael. The thing is I am way too overdrawn on energy to even think about doing something like that and Michael is still stuck in the "any attention is good attention" feedback loop - not a pretty situation. Hopefully and hour of quiet will allow me to get my shit together so I can be at least the mediocre mom I know I can be, rather than screaming harpy mom.

Off for some naan and chicken biryani.