Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is not new

Call me strange, but watching the 6ABC Action News every evening is a daily ritual for me - somehow just having it on makes even the most horrendous day a little more bearable and best of all it does not involve nicotine, paying usury (but oh so worth it) amounts of money to Starbucks for coffee or leaving the house to get the first two things when I'm in an antisocial mood. As you can picture, this is something I do every day. No matter what, the turning off of children's programming for the news comes as a huge shock to Michael complete with screaming, teary tantrums. Frankly, the turning off of children's programming for anything is met with huge protest (yeah, we watch way too much TV - but seeing as how I'm clinging to sanity by the skin of my teeth I'm cutting myself some slack), but the turning on of the news which happens every day bugs me to no end. I start giving him warnings after 4:00 and ask him what time it is and what does mommy do every day at this time to no avail.

Right now he's sulking in his room because I wouldn't give the TV a "rest". Call me mean, but watching the news in relative peace is almost worth it.