Thursday, June 22, 2006


  • Still a bit freaked by the surgery prospects

  • had a heart-to-heart with the husband about stuff better left unsaid on the blog
  • just finished drinking a several ounces of cheap vodka mixed with Country Time Lemonade
  • somehow have the presence of mind to type in the HTML for a bulleted list - Yay me!
  • Rain and possible pox suck
  • I am the lizard queen!!!! (it was quite a bit of vodka - the $7 a fifth vodka so you know it's good enough*
    *to strip paint that is

Brought to you by Drunken HTML! Read this now because it will most likely be deleted in the hungover, oh-my-god-what the f-in hell did I write on my blog and how did I manage to write HTML ontop of it morning.

Take a look at this for a bit of a laugh.

Ahhh, distilled potatoe juice.....