Friday, June 16, 2006

Yes, I was that mom...

surrupticiously drinking a Woodchuck Hard Cider in her Starbucks cup at the park this afternoon. It was warm and sunny - the perfect day for a beer/carbonated alcoholic beverage. Michael only slept for 20 minutes this afternoon and had two meltdowns complete with kicking and screaming - you're lucky I wasn't walking around taking swigs from a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Actually I have to accept full responsibility for both the short nap and the meltdowns. I haven't had any quality time with both of my girlfriends in a while and I really was asking too much from Michael today. I knew sitting inside to have lunch with my friends was going to result in a miniscule nap, but I did it anyway thinking that the consequenses would be worth it, and after two years maybe this time would be different. It wasn't.

The meltdown in the Gap was the worst though - I was trying to get him out of the stroller and into the pouch. As I started to lift him up I felt the stroller start to tip backwards. Trying to corrale a cranky two year-old who has had enough with one hand and keep a stroller from tipping with the other is no easy task. Of course Michael escaped my grasp but was watched by one of my friends and stroller fell backwards, along with my full cup of coffee and full cup of water. I righted the stroller and got him aside so I could get him in the pouch when the store was treated to his screams of outrage and overtiredness. This is made all the more ammusing by the fact that I'm wearing a new bra that pushes my boobs practically up to my chin and a blouse with buttons that don't want to stay closed. Screaming child, white-knuckled mom, boobs - you get the picture. Once we got out of the store, he was happy as a clam sitting on my back singing to himself. We did one more store after that, but it was pretty quick because he and most definitely I had had enough.

In my own defense, It's been quite a while since I've tried to do something like this with him and once again proved that I need to go with my gut and do what's best for him because in reality it's what's best for both of us.