Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Spitting nails!

I don't know what to think - the chicken pox scare may have been all a false alarm. You can take a look at the back story here.

His speech therapist is pregnant, so I thought it best that she know that he had been exposed and leave it up to her as to whether she felt comfortable seeing him or not. We cancelled last week and I called her this morning to tell her that he was still showing no signs but was still within the three week incubation period, so she chose to cancel to be on the safe side. In the interrim, I also received a letter from the agency that the infected therapist (special instructor) works for saying that she and two of the children she sees have confirmed cases of the chicken pox.

Well. I just got off the phone with the speech therapist. She had a meeting this morning where the infected therapist was present. She refused to come into the home, because she has no immunity to chicken pox. The infected therapist reassured her that she did not have the chicken pox and it was never confirmed. Two of her kids were sick - one with the measles and another with chicken pox, but she just had a viral infection and had been back to work for a few days. The infected therapist has not called me to reschedule any appointments AND most importantly in my book, did not call to tell me that she didn't have chicken pox in the first place! I stayed home all last week and even felt guilty for seeing the one kid we did even though he'd been vaccinated. A few days last week, Michael was sporting little green circles on his chest and back as I obsessed over every spot/bump I saw or imagined for fear that it was pox. Hell, my mom even stopped by one night to take a look at him since she had been through pox with all of us. Arrgghhh!

In general, I like his special instructor. She's been working with Michael since November and he has a decent rapport with her. The past few months her performance has been getting sketchy. Michael has become more and more frustrated with the activities they've been doing, I've been a little uncomfortable with some of her methods (pretending to cry when he was not complying), she's almost always late, and there have been a few too many last-minute cancellations for my liking. In my attempt to bury my head in the sand, I've been ignoring much of this, but the chicken pox thing is too much. I'm going to call his coordinator tomorrow and request a new special instructor. I have enough shit going on, I don't need this on top of it.