Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Self restraint wins!

I went to one of my LYS's this morning and managed to leave the store without buying anything! Yay me!

Yesterday, I did stop in another LYS and picked up a skein of Schaefer's Anne sock yarn for one of the booties for my Knitty submission. It's a beautiful blend of turquoise, green and yellow. It's a bit on the baby-pastel side, but more vibrant rather than washed out. I started knitting with it last night and I think I'm in love. I can definitely see spending $24 to have a pair of socks knitted from this yarn. It's unbelievably soft and wonderful to work with. It's a bit loose on my size 2's, the bootie gauge is 7 sts/inch and it's kniting up as 8 sts but should relax to 7.5 when I've washed it. It looks like it will do fantastically on my size 1 needles for socks though. I'm planning on using the leftovers to make a pair of baby leg style leggins and a couple of infant socks to put in the hope chest for baby number 2.

When I was out shopping yesterday, I passed by one of the organic supermarkets in the neighborhood and they are having a craft show in October. At first I thought nothing of it, then it started to simmer in my brain. I'm going to take Michael back up there this afternoon and look into getting a table. I know I can get at least 6 soakers done between now and the craft show and if there was ever a place where I could sell them, it would be at this market (it's also where our local LLL meets). I'm planning on doing up some patterns as well - freebie ones I'll be offering on Knity Keen and hopefully a few for sale as well. With any luck, I'll be able to make enough money that we'll actually be able to afford to go to PhilCon and do more than just look.