Sunday, September 24, 2006

What to do, what to do...

I have a great deal of knitting and writing to plow through in the next couple of days. I've finally settled on how to make the models for the booties - I'm knitting up socks in some white baby fingering yarn I found in the stash. I'm not bothering with gauge or anything like that, but I figure if I knit it up on my US #1 needles with the same number of stitches as the bootie it's supposed to go into I should be fine. I'm about 2/3 through the cuff of the the first one and my theory seems to be holding true. Since I can't show the booties themselves until after they've been published (we hope), I'll try to get a pic or two of the models up.

I'm pretty behind on the knitting - I still have to make the models and finish up the booties. I also have to take my head shot. We took a couple of pictures at the wedding last week, but I'm not feeling any kind of love for them. I think I'll try to wear my hair down some time this week and get one of my friends to snap a picture of me at Starbucks, which is a much more natural setting for me than a wedding reception.

John has just emerged from getting Michael down for his nap. Now I have to fight inertia to get out of the house and get some coffee. I know I really need it (both out of the house time and caffeine) but it's a cloudy Sunday and I really don't feel like moving. I'm off to pack up the knitting and the ipod. Coffee, here I come...


Ok, so I changed my mind on several points. I didn't end up going out for coffee. This is my first day "back on the wagon" and wandering close to purveyors of cigarettes is not in my best interest right now. So I shut myself up in Michael's room, settled into the glider with my knitting, a chai latte (I love the Tazo concentrate) and listened to the first disc of Sarah Vowell's, Assassination Vacation. I also switched up my sock model yarn - I'm using Carron Simply Soft and size 4 needles. In the hour and a half or so that I was listening to Sarah Vowell (whose though processes eerily mirror my own) I turned the heel, so I only have another 30 minutes or so and it will be done. A much better deal than the baby fingering.