Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I can be seen

I just finished going through and fixing it so you can now view my blog in both Firefox and IE. I though I needed to use the same structure for a fixed three-column layout in XML as I used for HTML but it turns out that you don't. I'll probably mess with it later tonight to get all of the formatting replaced, although I might keep it like this for a little while until I can come up with a banner graphic that I really like.

On a knitting front, I just cast-on for a pair of Snazzy Pants longies that I am making for the MDC Holiday Helpers Knit-a-long. I was almost finished the first of the Super-Mecha socks but when I tried it on, the modified double rib I used was too tight. I really dislike double rib, mine almost always looks like crap. To fix this, I generally plait my purl stitches (wrap the yarn clockwise around your needle rather that counter-clockwise). While the ribbing looked fantastic, just having half of the stitches twisted made it too tight to fit over my huge feet so I'm going with single rib. Michael really fought sleep on Sunday night, so I got a good two inches done on the second Silky Sock sock while I was sitting in there with him, so with some luck, I'll have that done by the end of the week. I'm planning on casting-on for the Baby Surprise Jacket again on Wednesday or Thursday.

This has been a blah week for me. It's too damn cold (-5 windchill) to even think about venturing outside and I feel like complete crap since I am having the mother of all periods right now. I don't know exactly what's going on with my body right now, but it is not pleasant.

We had a bit of a fright over the weekend when we looked into Head Start for Michael. Several of his therapists have spoken about Head Start for him since I can't pay for a private preschool with hand knits. We were very suprised to find out that we had to be at o below poverty level to qualify for it. I have since founf out that they reserve several slots for special needs kids so it shouldn't be a huge problem. I did find out that another child one of his therapists see has been placed in a special needs preschool in an excellent program. She told me that this child is on par with Michael in terms of abilities/delays/temperment and that the preschool is an inclusive program - that there are typically devloping children there as well as spectrum kids, but since it's in a facility that specializes in special needs kids, the spectrum kids still get all of the individual attention that they need. If you managed to make any sense out of the preceeding sentence this is fantastic news for us. I had pretty much eliminated this program as a possibility since I felt Michael was too high functioning to qualify. It is by no means a done deal and there is still a chance that he won't qualify, but if he does I think this is exactly what he needs.

Michael will be waking soon, so I'm off to grab a bite to eat (hummus and cucmbers - yay!). TTFN!