Friday, February 09, 2007

Short and Sweet

Just the list tonight, folks...

  • John lost his neck warmer on his way home from work so I knocked one out for him, this seques nicely into the next bullet...

  • Check out Knitty Keen for my first post in ages and (drumroll please) a new free pattern to download - a neck warmer. Almost 90% of the hits I get on the site are looking for this pattern. In the coming months I will be spending a lot more time doing things with it - I have ambitions

  • I am soooo close to finished the second Silky Sock sock, infact I am about three-quarters the way through the heel. I had hoped to be able to wear them today (Friday), but other things needed to be done.

  • The first of the Super-Mecha socks is finished. I hope to cast-on for its mate over the weekend

  • I finally made Micheal a leg warmer/bundle-me type of thing for his stroller. I piled blankets on him the past two days so we could venture out and since it's a pain to do that and the cold weather is showing no signs of leaving I had to come up with a more permenant solution (not to mention that I bought the fleece for this project last year). It has a lot of short cuts, but it will do the job nicely.

  • Yet again, we took time from our busy day to celebrate the beheading and subsequent death of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland

There is more involving a swift and some Noro that I plan to treat myself to on Friday to become a pair of legwarmers. Pics will be up by the end of the weekend.

'night all!