Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cleaned things up a bit

Not too much going on tonight. Michael and I spent the day out and I am once again reminded that I really need to get myself to a chiropractor. I know we walked just under four miles today, but my pelvis is very unhappy with me - I think someone has replaced my SI joints with broken glass. Actually I know adjustments are only half the battle - I really need PT too as this is has been a life-long problem, but I'll tackle one thing at a time.

Oh, and bother beyond bothers - my new stroller's rear tire is flat. I'm going out on Thursday morning to get my driver's permit so I can pop into Target to get a pump and a patch kit. Frankly, I need to spend the day in tomorrow anyway so it's just as well.

In knitting news, I have 2 finished models and three half-finished models for my Knitty submission. I have to get cracking on my MDC Holiday Helper's KAL stuff for February. I have about 1/3 of one leg of the longies done. The one LYS that has 12" circulars doesn't have a size 6 in stock. I'm going to continue on the 16" circular - it changes my gauge a bit but it means that I don't get those tightened stitches on either side from using magic loop. I have about 1/2 an inch left on the Silky Sock socks before I can start the cuff ribbing and finally finish them. I did an inch or so on the legwarmer earlier this evening. I am setting the goal to get three things finished in the next 48 hours so I can start a KAL on MDC to make this bag. I'm going to use the yarn I overdyed back in December to make it.

I've stayed on the computer for much longer than I planned, socks must be finished!