Monday, April 09, 2007

Feeling the EZ love

I cast on again for EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket and it's really flying this time. I found two great resources for working the pattern. the first is an article on Knit Wiki all about the BSJ with great instructions on altering the pattern. The second is Baby Surprise Notes - which is a nice expansion on EZ's instructions.

I'm really starting to like EZ. Her patterns take a bit to get used to since that aren't written out, but once I got into the groove, I'm definitely feeling the love. I bought a copy of her Knitter's Almanac and I just ordered Knitting Without Tears. I have three skeins of Lion Cotton Ease that I am going to turn into either a BSJ jacket with a color for Michael or a Tom-ten. I may even break my own rule and knit up a BSJ for the planned for Baby #2's hope chest because it is that much fun to make.

So yes, S - you will be getting this on Sunday. I'll post picks later.

On other fronts, Michael is taking a lovely nap, one that he initiated himself. I am going to take advantage of this quiet to do some dyeing and of course work a bit more on the BSJ. On the decluttering front, I am tackling shoes and the back-bedroom closet. After Michael gets up, we are finally going to start my seedlings - I think he'll have a blast filling my little peat-pots with seed starter. I was planning on putting my pansies out front, but the nighttime temps are supposed to be in the mid 20's so it's another week before that can happen.