Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Well that was a mouthful

We just got the written report from Michael's IEP evaluation. It looks like we'll have no problem getting into the type of program that we want - not that we've looked at any of them yet.

After the evaluation, I felt great as I usually do. I felt like my concerns were really addresses and I got the validation that I so often need that I'm not blowing things out of proportion or seeing something that isn't there. Getting a written report outlining all of your child's deficits is an entirely different kettle of fish. I agree with *almost* all of it (the not showing distress when a parent leaves is a crock, because the huge meltdown and repeated requests for mommy that happened on Sunday when I went out with S blows that out of the water). While their observation of these deficits are going to get us the help we need, it feels like they completely gloss over what he can do.

I need more time to digest things before I can write coherently about it.