Sunday, April 08, 2007

This is what my child looked like this morning...

This is what he looks like now.
But wait, it gets better...

This is what the back of his head looks like. The only thing missing is a tonsure.

We are supposed to go to my mom's in a few hours for Easter dinner. I've already called and told her that I cut his hair and that it will look better in a few weeks. Truthfully, it doesn't look all that bad - I had the same haircut when I was 18. It's just not something you expect to see on an almost three year-old, it's freaky seeing the back of his skull. A fun bit of family trivia - when I had that haircut at 18, my mom refused to look at me for almost a week. I wonder what her reaction to her grandson sporting it will be?

All in all, he did beautifully. Not only did he put up with all the fussing, but he tolerated the electric trimmer which I really wasn't expecting.