Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bang your head

Another one to check off the list.

Michael was running up and down our hallway this evening as is his wont (how's that for a $.25 word?) when I heard him fall and start to wail. He's been in a pretty foul mood most of the day so I chalked up his reaction to theatrics since he's been throwing tantrums left and right. I brought him into out office and sat down with him so I could finish what I was doing on the computer when I brushed his bangs aside. There on his forehead was a lump about the size of a robin's egg and a nasty purple color to boot. Thankfully the ped's office just gave me the normal head injury protool (and that says something that I not only know it, but that I can call it "normal"). He seems to be his normal self and shook off the injury pretty quickly. My favorite part of this protocoll is that I am to wake him up after sleeping for two hours and then in another four and was told by the nurse that I may want to "keep him close" tonight. Ha! if she only knew exactly how much time I spend sleeping on an air matress next to his crib.

The ironic part of this is that I hurt myself similarly when I was nine. We were supposed to go to Sesame Place with my sister's preschool class and I ran back to the house to get something, tripped over my foot and slid head first into a fence post. My mom was cleaning my knee up and muttering about delays when I complained that my head hurt. She replied, "I guess so, you screamed loud enough." Then she brushed aside my bangs and saw the egg forming on my forehead. My sister and brother went to Sesame Place, while I spent the morning in the hospital getting head X-rays. I'm pretty sure my mom and I shared the same feeling there. Probably not for the last time either.