Monday, March 06, 2006

Fun Fur - NOT

I went to A.C. Moore's this afternoon and of course got more yarn to make bears with. I now have four in various states of completion and I want to have them done by the weekend. We shall see...

The new yarn I bought today was all various forms of fun fur. I've knitted with the Lion Brand Fun Fur before, and knit at the recommended guage, it's pretty loose. Since I have to stuff these and don't want to line them, I decided to knit on size 6 needles. I decided to start off with Bernat's Boa yarn in a beautiful mottled brown. This went pretty well. The I changed to Patons' Cha Cha in black. This did not go so well. Imagine fun fur with a perm. I'm sure it knits up fine on size 10 needles, but on size 6 it's a nightmare. I frogged the leg and decided to do it in the round. It's still a pain because I have to keep track of my stitches very closely. We'll see how it turns out.