Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things of craftiness

Beware or we shall knit you a cozy! mwuahaha *sinister music plays*

This week has been one for charity sewing. I have 5 bear-halves done (two of them are actually for the same bear - thus one whole bear is almost done). I've been going through my stash and each time I find a color/yarn combo I have to make it up. I want to have them all done (blocking, sewing and stuffing) by next Friday. I always seem to need several projects going at once, but I'm starting to run out of double-pointed to keep unfinished work on so I'll have to finish these three before moving on. As soon as I kirchner them and block them, I'll post pictures.

The buffalo yarn scarf is still sitting, nicely folded, on the desk waiting for the ends to be woven in and then to be fluffed via the washing machine and dryer and then blocked. I have no idea when this will be done.

I've finally finished the first ball of yarn on my poncho. I'm knitting it in Lion Brand Woolease Chunky yarn (a yummy brown/orange heathered color) on my homemade needles (exactly between a size 13 and 15). They are straight needles and I know it's going to start to be very uncomfortable to use them for much longer because of the weight. This is a real pickle for me. I have size 13 circulars, but they are that much smaller than the current needles and I would be honor bound to frog the whole thing and start from scratch. There is also the fact that the lace-rib panels aren't symmetrical, but that only bugs me slightly. I'm thinking of trying my hand at making my own circulars. I have a *really* crappy size 8 plastic circular that I bought from Joanne Fabrics (how crappy do you say - it was only $.99, that's how crappy) that I can steal a filament from. I don't think it would be too difficult, and I could get the taper right on the needle points (the current ones are too shallow) and stain them a really cool shade of fuscia. I've already frogged this poncho twice and I really don't want to start from scratch again.

I'm also awash in granny squares for a project for our local children's hospital. Actually, I need to do some more research on it - I don't know if we are going to donate it to them directly or go through Project Linus. Michael was having way too much fun with them and managed to loose one. He would stack them all up and move them from place to place in the house like one obsessed. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when I put them safely away in their ziplock bag. God help me when he learns how to open one - nothing will be safe.

The boy is here and letting me know that I must pay attention to him once more. Complete tangent, but the damned doctor’s office still hasn't called me with his MRI results yet. In their defense they still have fifteen minutes, but it's a major pain because I put off going to the grocery store for this.