Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I forgot how much of a pain this is

I opened a geocities account with my yahoo id so I could post the bear pattern pdf. In an effort to not think about smoking, I decided that it would be really cool if I set up a dedicated portfolio site so I can show off all of my artwork and keep better track of my dyeing projects. Of course I've gone off all half-cocked and threw together a half-a-dozen pages. I further hacked the blog skin so there's about 100 lines of unneccessary (I don't know how to spaell the damned word and I'm not cutting and pasting into Word to spell check it so just deal) in-line CSS commands in it. If things work out on Thusrday afternoon/evening, maybe I'll take the laptop out and design a dedicated css style sheet and build my integrated site. It'll mean doing it the hard way - a browser window and wordpad, but it will keep my mind occupied and I really should get all of this stuff together.

It's late, I need to go to bed.