Sunday, March 11, 2007


The lap top is OK and I am once again experiencing the joy that is mobile posting.

Here's a succinct list of what's doing...

The mystery project is progressing - I've known about it for months and have had the yarn for at least the past four weeks yet I am only now getting to work on it. Given the fact that I still have just shy of two weeks, I'm still doing better than I normally am. There is lots of knitting in my future - actually that's a given, just more so than usual.

My hair is gone. John is very depressed. I am ecstatic - I've had long hair for almost two years now and it's so freeing to have it gone. The flip side is that it looks like I'm going to have to pick up some styling product. It looks OK without any, but I know it will look so much better with just a bit of gel to keep things in place. To do it right I really should buy a couple of different products and blow it dry but that is way too much. It does look super cool with my headband though. I'll post pics tomorrow when it's a bit tamer.

We have Michael's evaluation with the school district tomorrow for his IEP and I am very nervous. My gut says he should have no problem qualifying for the inclusive preschool we really want, but that is the best-case scenario. There's no doubt in my mind that he qualifies for services. We'll just have to wait and see.

My kitchen scale arrived on Friday and my yarn came on Saturday. I'm hoping to mix some dyes and get a few skeins of hand-painted done this week. I'm planning on putting things up in the Knitty Keen Etsy Shop by the end of the month.

That's about it for now. A picture-heavy post is coming soon.