Friday, March 30, 2007

Grumble, grumble, grumble...

Instead of a nice relaxing evening knitting and sipping on a hard cider, I just finished wrestling with the video card on our desktop. It wasn't seated correctly to begin with and I completely forgot about it. John picked up a new mouse and when he fiddled with the cord because it wasn't working he heard a "twang" and the monitor screen went to the test screen. I went up and it looked like the video card had come unseated. The tower no longer appears to work - the hard drive isn't booting.

The only good thing is that we at least have the new lap top. Do you think Dell will accepted knitted items and hand-dyed yarn as payment for a new tower? We've contacted our IT friend and hopefully all is not lost. If it is, I'm hoping it's an issue with the mother board and not the hard drive - all of Michael's pics are there because of course I've never backed them up. I have a ton of files that I would really hate to loose.

No geraniums or lobelia today - they probably won't be available 'til the end of April. The matress pad is nice, though.

Just found out that the graphics card is most likely fried. Keeping my fingers crossed that putting the old one back in will fix the problem.