Thursday, March 29, 2007

A whole host of things...

We just got back from a major shopping trip since my sister came over with the car and we took full advantage of it.

  • I finally got a memory foam matress pad at BJ's. I've been wanting one for ages but theres just no way I can strap that sucker onto my stroller. The wait was worth it because it was reduced again and I got it for only $50!

  • Containers from Ikea. We bought some a few months ago for Michael and my yarn stash took them over.

  • I got four of these to make myself a little container garden in front of my house. I bought some morning glory and sweet pea seeds at the flower show a few weeks ago to plant there. My mom also picked up some miniature pansies for me and I'm going to try and get some lobelia and geraniums at the Italian Market tomorrow. While John and Michael are at the park, I'm going to drill a few drainage holes in them and fill them with the soil I got

  • I bought 3 cubic feet of top soil - I'm not even sure how I managed to move the 2 cubic foot package by myself - I had to put it in the stroller to get it from the car to the house

Those are the highlights of the trip. I actually drove for all of our errands this afternoon. M and I did the math and it's been eight years since I've driven a car. I wasn't as nervous as I though I'd be since Michael was in the car as well. There was one more thing but for the life of me I can't think of what it was so I'll just leave it at that. Oh - I remember now - I am starting a decluttering mission for April. My goal is 200 things out of the house. I'm hoping to get that number as close to 500 as I can but 200 is at least attainable.