Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sleep does a body good!

I managed to get in an hour nap yesterday afternoon, THREE (yes that is right) hours of CONSECUTIVE sleep last night and another hour and a half this morning. I'm still way shorter with Michael than I'd like to be, but my incision pain is a lot less and I have so much more energy. We all took a walk across the street so Michael could run off some energy in the playground and then we hit the drug store for a few necessities. Alexander is sleeping all snug in the Moby as I write this and he was very comfortable there as I grated cheese and cut up some chicken for lunch (mmmm, nachos).

After I wake Mr. Man up to nurse, it's off to bed for my nap.

Oh, and his output is almost back to where it should be - yay! In fact I've been sprayed twice today.