Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's doing...

It's 4.30am and I'm awake - hopefully I'll be able to scrape another few hours of broken sleep, but my hopes aren't too high.

It's a bulleted list, folks - 'cause HTML tags are easier than fleshing out sentences...

  • Made chicken soup, chicken & dumplings, and chicken enchiladas tonight (gotta love last-minute cooking). Only think left is jambalaya and Amnerican Chop Suey (a.k.a. beef-a-roni).

  • A pox upon the Website for America's Test Kitchen. I saw the episode with chicken and dumplings a few weeks ago, looked up recipe and loved it. Did not print up said recipe and couldn't remember exact proportions for dumplings. Winged it, ended up with cement balls in stew. Tried to look it up on website and no matter what I tried IT WOULD NOT LET ME - demanded that I give a credit card number for a trial subscription - not two days before I'm having a baby AND major abdominal surgery. End cooking rant

  • I little less angst and EMO and a lot more ass-kicking is requested in Naruto. I swear, if I had to suffer through one more, "he'll never understand me" montage in this fight between Naruto and Sasuke I'll most likely wake the babe when I am watching it next week. It's not quite at a DBZ level, but man it's skirting awfully close. End anime rant.

  • I have ONE day left and about a week's worth of cleaning to fit into it. All I ask is that visitors please stay out of my kitchen and resist the temptation to straighten up in there - my mortification will far outweigh any enjoyment I receive from having a clean kitchen. I am, however, making the time to scrub the damn grout in the bathroom because I've been wanting to do it for months and if I can't have a pristine kitchen, I'm going to have clean grout in my shower.

I really have to attempt to go back to sleep. Sorry for all the vitriol, but it's got to go somewhere.

Last but not least - some prayers and thoughts out to two of my friends who are going through some rough times. I'll be thinking of you guys.