Thursday, January 31, 2008


I've always liked the idea of one in theory, but it just seemed to be something that would not mesh well with my personality or my life. Well, I can honestly say that I have now been enjoying a baby-moon for the past week and I'll be very sorry to see it go when John has to return to work next Tuesday. Now, I'm not spending long stretches in bed getting to know Alexander while my husband waits on me hand and foot and visitors are discouraged from visiting us during the "bonding" period, but there have been some very nice things happening. After Michael goes down for the night, John and I just spend time together while Alexander marathon nurses or just sleeps on the pillow next to me with his head resting on my breast (have to take a picture because it is seriously the cutest thing ever). We've found that we are really re-connecting as a couple during those evenings and I hope we can continue to do so after he returns to work. It makes me realise exactly how miserable I was during pregnancy or how well my body is reacting to all of the hormones breastfeeding is releasing (probably a bit of both).

I know the fact that this is our second child is definitely playing into things - we don't have all of the paranoia that comes with having a baby for the first time. Michael somehow managed to survive his infancy, so we can't screw up too badly at this point. The fact that I am not in constant pain from the pinched nerve I had postpartum with Michael and that breastfeeding is going so well also play really big parts. At this point in Michael's infancy I had just gotten the nipple shield so he was at least on the breast most of the time, but I was also giving supplemental bottles and pumping after every feeding as well. Granted, Alexander is going through his first growth spurt and at 6 in the morning I'm practically in tears because I've been up for 5 hours with him already (the last two of which has been constant nursing requiring the use of both hands)- it's still loads better than my first nursing experience.

Here are some updates which require simple, declarative sentences so I don't cause the Messrs. Strunk & White to rise from the dead to hunt me down...

  • Alexander's weight check on Tuesday went well - he is up 4 ounces from Friday and that was just with nursing - Yay me!

  • Thanks to some handy help from K, I seem to have mastered using the ring sling, which is the only reason I am now posting to the blog.

  • Growth spurt - this too shall pass, it's completely normal and nothing is seriously wrong. You will once again be able to sleep (new mantra).

  • All of my friends and family seriously rock. I know I'm not great at actually taking people up on their offers of help, but knowing that they are there really means the world to me

  • Finally off the narcotics!

  • Michael is doing great - granted still having some "Serenity Prayer" moments, but all in all he's adjusting well and is finally starting to accept some of my invitations to snuggle on my free side while Alexander is nursing. I also left them alone downstairs for the two minutes it took me to race to the bathroom and Michael sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to Alex and was very happy to help. I'm definitely not going to push my luck with this one, but it's nice to know I can at least use the bathroom in relative peace right now.

  • My edema is definitely down. My feet still look very ugly, but it's definitely below my knees now and going down a bit every day. I'm hoping next week and some increased activity will help knock it out once and for all.

  • I can fit into my one-size bigger than pre-pregnancy jeans! My total weight gain for this pregnancy was 40 lbs, but all of it happened in the second half so a third was baby, another third fluid, and the last bit was actual weight-gain. I have a feeling I'll be below pre-pregnancy by the end of spring at the latest.

Last but not least, I have to say a bit about how happy I'm not pregnant any more. Constant pain really sucks and it's amazing how much energy is saps from you. John and I have been spending our evenings together for months now, but the fact that I'm not grunting from prodromal labor or wincing if I move makes a huge difference. It's getting late and lunch need to be made and a certain babe needs to eat again.

Thanks for reading!