Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wait, haven't I been here before?

Extremely short version...

B/P 150/90
OB says across the street - if it doesn't come down babe is coming today.
Mad scramble to find someone to take Michael since John is the only librarian at his branch today.
Girding myself for potential fight with OB about babe coming today - no way in hell unless there's some pretty definitive proof that it has to happen.
Win argument with nurse about straight cath to check for protien in urine - something my OB failed to mention to me, I wonder why?
Alarm goes off on the monitor every time it takes mt B/P because it's so low.
Labs come back clean. Get to go home.
Emotionally and physically exhausted.
Babe gets to bake another week and a half - I get to spend long stretches in recliner asking Michael "What are you doing?" when I hear strange things happening behind my back and receive the lovely response of, "Nothing," which will require me to get out of said recliner to see what he's getting into.

Oh - and for the deja vu aspect, did the exact same thing with Michael, just a few weeks earlier. Guess I need to get my bag packed, either that or I didn't bring enough knitting with me this morning.

Note to self - ALWAYS eat a big breakfast before going to the OB's - scale be damned, at least you won't be starving with shaking hands because you've been NPO all morning (didn't get to eat until 1pm).